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Joyce Quin
Dominic Wring and Nathan Ritchie

1. Germany 
Christina Holtz-Bacha
2. France 
Anne Jadot and Alexandre Borrell
3. Italy 
Edoardo Novelli and Melissa Stolfi
4. United Kingdom

Nathan Ritchie and Dominic Wring
5. Greece 

Stamatis Poulakidakos
6. Spain 
Sergio Pérez Castaños, José Manuel Trujillo, and Jonatan García-Rabadán
7. Sweden 
Bengt Johansson
8. Czech Republic 
Marcela Konrádová and Anna Shavit
9. Hungary
Norbert Merkovity, Péter Bence Stumpf, Orsolya Szabó Palócz, and Fruzsina Csiby

10. The Last Campaign: the UK’s Final European Election 

Nathan Ritchie, Dominic Wring and Cristian Vaccari

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